Thursday, April 25, 2024

Thirsday Thirteen - Reviews Recipes & Random BS


Today I'm lazy. So you get a list of 13* reviews, recipes, & random BS.  

1) The comfort that is Tater Tot Pie

2) One very important public service announcement

3) Mmm Cinnamon Crispy Chewy things

4) Sometimes I just want bang bang bang

5) Journals. Nice. New Journals

6) Fun Fact about the emergency button on iPhone

7) Impress your taste buds with Blackened Oven Chicken

8) what good is chicken without Easy Garlic Potatoes

9) Might as well have some Roasted Asparagus too

10) More Journals. The fun ones

11)  If I didn't have kids, the blog would'a died years ago

12) 2019 Dating Escapades

13) The nerd in me wouldn't sleep without giving you the 13 Unusually Long English Words courtesy of Merriam Webster. 

Play along:


* this is a legit blatant plug of me. Just sayin.


CountryDew said...

I love a good notebook for a journal. Nice list. Thanks for joining us!

Stella Dean said...

Thank you!