Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Lays I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed

Lays, I'm a fan. Lifelong. I was excited when I saw the new Crispy Taco flavored chips. Genuinely excited.  

Salty deliciousness that I rely on from Lays + Taco flavored?  What's not to love? 

Let me tell you.  

THESE are not to love.  

I didn't get taco flavor at all.  I got something that reminded me of lettuce, then something almost sour, like maybe a hint of sour cream, but I thought there was also lime. Sadly though, the flavor I never got was actual taco flavor. 

As far as consistency, my brain could not compute the flavors I was getting, absent any real crunch.  I think my brain was expecting a corn tortilla flavored crunch that never came.  

Because true to form, it was a potato chip. Crisp yes. Crunchy? Not so much. 

I haven't been this disappointed since the first time I was tricked into eating styrofoam, er, I mean a rice cake.  

I'm disappointed because I wanted these to be good. I wanted to make taco dip and eat the whole bag while binge watching something stupid rather than working. Or cleaning.  

Instead, the only entertainment I got happened when I tricked my family into trying a chip and watching their faces fade from curious and hopeful to pucker and resentment.  

Final recommendation: stick to Taco Flavored Doritos.

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