Friday, March 22, 2024

Record your journey

I've created more books! 

Are you looking to expand your mind? Delve into deeper thoughts? Dip your toe into the world of witchcraft?  The occult? Goddesses and Deities? These books will record your journey.

Book of Knowledge: A lined Journal, Diary, Grimoire, Notebook  (coming soon in a larger size and in blank and dot grid options).  YAY!  

Behold the Book of Knowledge – a 120 page journey into the realm of whatever you make it. This Book of Knowledge is your blank canvas for whatever mystical mischief you fancy. Document your not-so-serious magical mishaps, create your own incantations, creative spells, potion experiments, and doodles that may or may not resemble sigils or mystical creatures. Whether you're a seasoned witch or a magical newbie, this journal is your canvas for conjuring dreams and curiosities, your magical confidant. Flip it open, let the inner you flow, and may your spells be potent and your adventures enchanting.

Lilith Sigil: A blank Journal/Diary, Grimoire, Book of Knowledge, Notebook currently available in paperback and hard copy. (coming soon in a larger size and in lined or dot grid options). 

Lilith, a rebel, feminist, fiercely independent, a goddess, the original she-demon, not just Adam's first wife.  The Lilith book of magic helps you dive into your deeper self.  Lilith holds little something for everyone. Add your own instructions for spells, charms, or invocations. Write down your thoughts, feelings, wants and desires. Include recipes and instructions for divination. It is known by many names: book of spells, book of knowledge, magick/magic book, or simply a spell book, book of shadows, and of course Grimoire. Whatever you call it, it is yours to become whatever you you desire it to be.

  • Record your dreams and thoughts and your feelings; Draw, doodle, track spells, recipes, and outcomes.
  • Write your spells, charms, rituals.
  • Draw your tarot layouts
  • Create your sigils
  • Each journal includes two pages of basic symbols/sigils and related information

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