Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mats to save your feet and your doggies' too!

On my quest to avoid doing homework one night, I stumbled upon a webpage that sells different floor mats. I had been at a store that day, I cannot recall which one now, but I remember standing there at checkout and one of those squishy floor mats the cashiers stand on was on the customer side and I thought to myself, how comfortable! Thankfully, I don’t have to stand on my feet all day, but it did get me thinking about how one of those squishy mats would be wicked awesome in front of my kitchen sink and my stove, where I spend a chunk of my evenings either cooking or cleaning up the dishes. Anyway, while looking at various mats, I found that mats come in many the different size, shape and color. In fact, while looking for a squishy kitchen matt, I came across many different types of outdoor mats and I wondered why these mats are not marketed to the average consumer, and not just to businesses. I would like to have those squishy mats in my kitchen; and maybe the laundry room. But I am also looking at some industrial size mats to go outside under the dogs’ water bowl so they aren’t standing on that scorching hot sandstone to get a drink. Here in the desert, even the covered back patio gets brutally hot and can burn your feet (or your pets’) in minutes.

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