Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Musical Enhancements to the Brain

So in my spare time (HA!) I’ve been debating taking some kind of class and learning to play a musical instrument. I’ve read studies that indicate certain portions of the brain in children under 12 years of age are more developed than the brains in children who do not play an instrument. The studies also say the changes in the brain are permanent as that particular portion is more developed. So it makes perfect sense to me that if I learned to play in instrument, say a Alesis q88 I would end up with better developed portions of my brain. Because even if the brain is only slightly more developed in a grown adult, I think it cannot hurt. Plus, I've always wanted to learn to play something, keyboard, drums, guitar, etc. 

I'll be a more well rounded individual. Who knows, maybe I posses some unknown talent and this whole law school gig will be forgotten like a bad dream. 

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