Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This is the post

where I was going to whine about killing my personal blog.  But I decided against that because really, it is what it is.

Then I was going to blog about a new recipe I tried, but I didn't try it yet. So that's out.

Then I was going to tell you all about the movie I watched last weekend and how detached from reality it was and how that annoys the crap out of me and how ever since I went to school to be a paralegal back in the early 90s my family refuses to watch shows about the law and legal system and it's because I'm always right.  But, that wasn't really a movie review, it was more of a let me complain about this thing for twenty minutes and then offer no resolution or solution thing.  And who wants to read that. 

So to sum it all up, I got nuthin.

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