Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Organizing, little by little

When I am looking for a trinket that allows me to fasten something, like a bolt and a nut, or hinge and the little thing that goes inside said hinge to keep the door in place, or an eye hook to hold this hanging thing I just bought, I look in my kitchen drawer. You know the one, every house has one, where everything that doesn’t have a home gets to live. Mine is full of nails, melting little smelly wax things that I only use during the holidays, a bunch of phone chargers for phones that I’m pretty sure we don’t even own anymore. There is also tape and Velcro pieces, thumb tacks, o-rings for the turkey fryer oil vacuum hose thing, crayons, playing cards, two eye bolts and a Band-Aid. My junk drawer should be called the potpourri drawer! Anyway, I just bought a small plastic box that has little 2x2 squares partitioned on the inside and that is where I’ll keep my various nails, bolds, o-rings, and other such items so they’re not rolling around in the drawer. I don’t know where I got all these fasteners, but if you need some, check out fasteners at reidsupply.com

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