Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting my ducks in a row

I’m going to graduate in nine months. Then, should the planets align and the force be with me, I will pass the Bar and become a real life attorney. And at that point, I shall begin the marketing of myself and my wicked awesome skills like no other. And I’m going to need to have quite a few ducks in a row at that time. I’ve already got employment but I will need things like business cards, a web page address, maybe a client or two, etc. I’ve been looking at a few places that provide wholesale business cards printing so I can have pre-attorney “I’m a candidate for the 2014 Bar, keep me in mind cards" made up. There is plenty to do right now. Plenty! That said, I might just enjoy the fact that I have no actual classes to attend the rest of this month….

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