Friday, July 12, 2013

The Trip of a Lifetime is Going to Take Some Work

I’m going to graduate law school in April, 2014. I want to go on a trip but not just any trip - a once in a lifetime kind of trip. I’ve already promised 16 that I’d take her to Paris when she graduates in 2015. I also promised 13 that I’d take her to Italy when she graduates in 2018. So that leaves my trip.

I’ve been thinking a lot and debating destination spots and one place I keep going back to over and over is the Mediterranean Sea. While there is plenty to see there, I really have a deep rooted desire to visit parts of Turkey. I want to see the ancient ruins of Daylan and I want to see the town of Goreme that has been carved into volcanic rock, and the cave dwellings of Urgup. Oddly though, I’m not so concerned with seeing Istanbul. And while there is plenty of beach to be seen, I really want to go to Antalya because the water there (in the photographs I have seen) is crystal clear and as beautiful as any tropical beach I have ever seen. I also want to stop in the capital city of Ankara, because it also has ruins and old castles to be seen. Finally, the highlight of my trip shall be stopping in the Ancient City of Ephesus to see some spectacular ruins that from the photographs I have seen and the reviews I have read will truly make this the trip of a lifetime. So I better start planning and saving and checking on some Turkey hotels because I’m not roughing it.

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