Sunday, November 29, 2009

EcoStore = Eco Friendly

The below mentioned product(s) was/were given to me at no charge for review. I am not being monetarily paid for this review (other than receipt of the free product). I will give my honest opinion and thoughts regarding said product(s).

A while back I was approached by a representative from EcoStoreUSA, asking if I would be willing to review some products and then write about them in order to get the word out about their company and its products. I will be honest, I was apprehensive at first. I have tried other products that were in fact eco-friendly, they just did not do the job cleaning that I was hoping for. I want a product that saves the earth as well as my muscles and fingers. (One prior product I tried, I actually scrubbed so hard that I wore the polish off of my nails.) I was not eager to re-live that experience. Luckily for me, that was NOT the case with the products I tried from EcoStoreUSA, who pride themselves on the No Nasty Chemicals™ statement.

For this review, I tried Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo. As you know if you read my personal blog, I have four dogs who I do consider my furry children, and I am very careful with what I use on them. I feel more protective of them than I do my human children at this point, because at least my humans are older and know what to put in their mouths and what not too.

The only dog to have received a couple good baths so far is Bella (the Boston Terrorist), and that is only because I can bathe her in the house. The other three (English Mastiffs) I have to use a small kiddie pool out back and the hose. It is just a little to cold for that right now. As for Bella, I felt comfortable and not worried about her licking at the suds and I wasn't worried she would have an eye reaction if suds dripped down her head. When she was all done, her hair was soft and shiny and she smelled good again. This shampoo even washed away her frito feet (a bacterial infection dogs get in their paws, it makes them smell like corn chips). Gross, yes. Harmful, not so much. Just stinky.

Next I tried the Non-Toxic Toilet Cleaner for a full month. I was glad that the cleaner did not have a horrible smell. I have used other cleaners in my bathroom and the smell made my allergies explode and by the time I was done cleaning, I was stuffy and my eyes were burning. This was not the case with the EcoStoreUSA toilet cleaner. My toilet was easy to clean, and I did not have to scrub with all my might to remove the hard water stains under the bowl. Another thing I really liked about this product was that it did not streak on the seat or tank. I appreciate that in a cleaner. In the past, I have had to go back and wipe down my counters and tank with vinegar to remove the water spots and streaks. I did not have to do that with this product, effectively cutting my cleaning time.

Finally, I reviewed a Citrus Spray Cleaner for general cleaning up around the house. I was the most impressed with this product because of its versatility. I used it on my counter tops and my kitchen appliances. I used it on my cupboards too. However, when I used it on my stove top, I did have to put in a little elbow grease. In fact, I had to use a lot more elbow grease than normal. It did eventually get the stove top clean (except where food boiled over from the pan, I did have to use an SOS pad to remove that).

Overall, the Citrus Cleaner left a nice clean feel to everything I used it on, and again, there were no streaks. I also appreciate the lemon smell, because to me, lemon makes my house smell clean.

My favorite thing about all of the EcoStoreUSA products that I tried is that I did not have any allergic reaction to any of the three products I reviewed. Generally, this is an issue for me when I clean. I have to be very careful with what I use to clean my house, and lately I have been using mostly vinegar and water, which makes my house smell like a salad, and that does not scream CLEAN to me.

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