Saturday, November 21, 2009

Make your garden pretty and your address prominant

I believe that how your house looks on the outside, is a reflection of you, your style and the message you want others to read when they approach. Like, Hi! Welcome to our Home! Or Hey kid! Get off my lawn! The appearance of a home should indicate what is inside of that home as well as the personality of its occupants. This is why I have decorated the outside of my home with various items like southwest tiles, an inviting bench to sit down and enjoy the hummingbirds that often feed in my two feeders, my address plaque, which tells the number of my home, in a very classy, yet friendly way, and many trees, shrubs and flowers. I want to invite people to my home and my yard.

I have often wondered if a person decorates their house to match their style, or if their style eventually matches their home? To me, it is like buying a levi jacket, at first it is stiff dark and then we wash it a few times, add a button or pin or some dazzle, we wear it a lot until eventually it has faded and become worn around the edges. Then one day we realize it is perfect for us and fits every occasion beautifully. Some of my neighbors have added address plaques and they vary in size and shape as well as color, font and design. Each of the plaques seems to be a perfect fit to both the d├ęcor of the home (inside and out) as well as the personality of the occupants.

One neighbor, just down the road, he has tried several lawn address plaques. He had an old wagon wheel once with his address. Currently, he has a beautiful sandstone carving with his address numbers and his last name. I am considering the same thing, only rather than an upright sandstone carving, I think I would like my numbers engraved into a boulder that sits beneath my tree or to the side of my garage. The boulders I have seen in the past were mostly in Utah, surrounded by Aspens and evergreens and gave a very woodsy, cabin style to the front yard, and the home itself.


Anonymous said...

My only caveat with the address plaques is visibility/readability. Yes, you should express your creative side, but if the ambulance is looking for your house, you don't want them to have to look too hard. And don't forget to consider what it would look like at night.


Stella Dean said...

Claude - I 100% agree. Mine has a reflective background and we had our numbers painted on the curb as well. I could tell you horror stories about Phoenix and emergency services not being able to locate addresses. It's not pretty.