Thursday, December 10, 2009

Viking - and not the Sailors

Free Pictures | acobox.comIn the past 16 years, I could not begin to count on one hand, or two hands, or all the hands (and feet) in my family the number of things that my husband has asked for. Things like new vehicles or old vehicles that he could fix up; things like remote control cars and airplanes; once, he even asked me for a racing boat or an antique slot machine. He would be happy with either one. So, to say that my husband covets many things would not be an underestimation. In fact, not a day goes by that he doesn’t come to me with some new wish list. He is like a kid at Christmas. However, even with all various things he wants and asks for through the years, the one constant he asks for, the one thing he has not wavered from in all of our years together is a Viking grill.

He has been a barbecue guy the entire time I’ve known him, me, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I like barbecue sometimes but I am no fan of barbecue sauce or meats drenched in such sauce. The thing I like is the flavor that comes from grilling meat. My husband tells me that I have not tasted the best of the best when it comes to grilling until I have tasted meat grilled to perfection on a Viking gas grill. If you asked me, I would be clueless as to whether a piece of deliciously grilled meat came from a gas grill, a charcoal grill or another type of grill. I like meat, but I’m no fanatic when it comes to my barbecued carcass.

It recently came to my attention that this is my only flaw, this lack of grilling knowledge and/or etiquette. My husband said his step-dad had a Viking grill and my husband (and his three brothers and his step-dad) all swear that the meat tastes better on a Viking than any other grilling machine. I take their word for it because in all reality, as long as the meat is done and doesn’t chew like the soul of a tennis shoe, I will eat it and tell you how good it was.

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Jen said...

Oh, bless you for being another kindred spirit of the "not liking barbecue, specifically barbecue sauce" sisterhood! I never thought I'd meet another one and would be destined to walk this earth alone!

I'll eat it if it's what's being served, because I'm polite like that, but I really don't care for it.

P.S. This is Jenius/Shades/I changed my blog again.