Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pantene Full & Thick

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Pantene Full & Thick

Anyone who reads my blog will recall that I have been struggling with hair issues for quite some time. Earlier this year, my hair and I had a standoff of sorts. I said “hair, I’m tired of your wispy ways
and limpness. I am tired of looking like an old washed out mop. I want the hair I used to have. I want hair that looks like hair and not faded Christmas tinsel. I know you can do it!” Yet, even with the pep talks and various products, my hair was having no part of it. I tried different shampoos and conditioners. I tried washing my hair every day and that didn’t even help. I was considering a perm and the flashback to my 80s hair almost made me cry. I just wanted a little body, some appearance of thickness. Mostly, I wanted my hair to look like it was not pasted to the top of my head by the middle of the day.

I went through a myriad of shampoos and conditions and even went to the doctor to ask if my age and hormone levels could be the root cause (ha!) of my hair problems. It seemed that when I turned the big Four-OH! last year, my hair decided it had had enough and began to limp out, break off and otherwise boycott all efforts I made at prettiness. As luck would have it in the midst of my hair product experimentation, BlogHer approached me with this review.

I had a
lready tried five different shampoos since the first of the year, working my way down the list of suggestions my readers had provided earlier. When my Pantene arrived, the first thing I did was open it and take a smell. I like a shampoo that smells good but not heavily perfumed. Pantene smelled very light and fragrant but not overpowering. I washed my hair that night and was surprised that the shampoo is clear. I am not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t clear shampoo. I also like the fact that I only needed a small amount to clean my hair with a head full of bubbly lather. I conditioned and was surprised at the difference I felt simply combing it out. The true test would be the morning when I woke up. Usually, if I wash my hair at night, when I wake up in the morning it is limp and thin. However, the miracle of Pantene Full & Thick was that my hair actually had some fullness and thickness to it the next morning! Even better? My hair still looked good that night!

I was hesitant though to love this new Pantene Full & Thick just yet. I still had another day of hair to deal with. I used Pantene again and decided to blow dry my hair. Wow. Note to self: no need to hang my head upside down to blow dry it using Pantene. Yeah. I had big 80s hair that was, well, big. I had to tame it back just a little with some water. However, again, I was able to go two full days without washing my hair and that is huge for me.

I decided to wash both of my daughters’ hair with the Pantene Full & Thick. This was comical at best. My 12 year old has really thick, full hair. This shampoo gave her a full on lion’s mane. Not the look she was going for at all! My 9 year old has thin, wispy hair like mine. Her hair was beautiful and full of body
and bounce. She is hooked and asked if I could buy her some Pantene for “just her.”

I have been using the Pantene Full & Thick all week and I honestly have no complaints. My hair looks good. It feels good. It has more body than it has had in over a year and it is not breaking off. It even smells good the next day and is easy to comb through.

If you have thin or limp hair like I did, I would feel totally comfortable recommending Pantene Full & Thick. I also appreciate the fact that the conditioner is a light conditioner that does not weigh down my hair, but still leaves it soft and manageable so I can pull it up at work if necessary, and when I drop it back down, it still looks good. I finally have movie star hair!

Well, almost.

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