Monday, February 18, 2013

I might need to buy a coat. Again.

As often as I travel between Utah and Arizona, I think I may need to invest in a nice coat or jacket. I got rid of all of my coats when I moved to the scorching desert in 2005. I was moving to the desert for goodness sake, I would never need a coat there. Besides, I had butt warmers in the car. A coat would be more like an accessory I carried around. Then I started doing that travel thing. And one time, I was all the way to the airport, in the waiting lounge, watching other people who were traveling to Utah with me, and they were taking coats, and some were wearing closed toe shoes. And I looked down and realized I was wearing sandals! And I didn’t even have a sweater! Really poor planning on my part. So, I’m looking at a coat and I like the Patagonia brand because it looks warm, yet not bulky, and easy to travel with. If you’re interested, like me, get your patagonia coat here and if we ever run into each other, we’ll compare color!

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