Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's almost Dad's Big Day

I cannot say that I’ve ever been in a position where I was all of the sudden, “hmm. I really need some welding equipment." Or clothing. Or other welding stuffs. However, it is Dad’s day soon enough and while my husband is a simple man man with simple tastes, and all he wants is some new socks and tee shirts on his big day, I suppose there are other men out there who have that whole I need to get some welding equipment at Bakers gas thought pattern going on. Thankfully, not my man. Because really, if he was having I need welding gear thoughts, that would mean he had a welder and I would be all up in his business trying to figure out where it came from and how we were supposed to pay for it and what on earth he was going to EVER weld that would facilitate the need for him to own his very own welding machine and thus further necessitate the need for welding equipment and stuffs.

Yes. I’m glad I’m married to a simple guy.

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