Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I wanna be a rock star!

So here is the thing. I have regrets. It’s true. There are things I wish I’d done, and things I wish I could go back and do over. For example, I wish I had joined the military when I was 18 instead of being that snotty teenager know-it-all who was offended when the Air Force recruiter said girls can’t fly a jet. Also, I wish I could play a musical instrument. I remember once, when I was around 8 or 9 years old, I volunteered to play the piano at a school program. I didn’t know how to play piano. I though you just beat on those keys and music came out. My foster mom was horrified when she had to call the school and tell them I didn’t know a music note from a written note.

Still I wish I could learn a musical instrument. And I might someday. After law school and after my brain grows back. Because believe me, after three years of law school (I’m one down, two to go), I will need some serious recovery/recuperation time. But when the time comes, I’m going to learn to play the guitar. Not because I have some calling to be a rockin guitar chick.  And not because I might have secretly wanted to grow up to play the bass guitar in a big hair heavy metal band, but rather, because I hear that people who play a musical instrument are better for it. They’re able to relax. They can read music (which is one up on me right from the start). And also, because I want a Daisy Rock Pixie Acoustic Guitar. Of course, I want one that’s slightly bigger so I can play it and not feel like an overgrown 11 year old playing her first musical instrument. Plus, it comes with a full color instruction book and interactive CD that is certain to make me a guitar playing rock goddess.   I could get full Acoustic Guitar Value Packs and be set! 

You all think I’m kidding. But I’m not. I could keep the guitar in my car and play whenever the mood struck. So long as I was in my car (or close by it at least). If the law thing doesn’t work out, I could earn a living as a street performer. I could also give free legal advice via song. The possibilities are endless!

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Shannon akaMonty said...

ooooh, FUN! I often wish I could read music and/or play an instrument myself. Piano & guitar are my choices...then I remember I'm lazy. :) YOU GO, ROCK STAR!!!!!