Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Men's Skin Products

The Man and both dramas had to go to the dermatologist today.  12 has a mole on her leg we’re watching closely since she has a whole slew of relatives on The Man’s side who have had melanoma and because the Not So Vile Teenager also had two precancerous moles removed last year.  14 is having an acne issue that’s making her less than pleasant to be around and even though I say on a regular basis WASH YOUR FACE WITH THE FACE WASH I BUY YOU it means nothing.  We had to pay a $30 co-pay and have the dermatologist tell her to use the SAME PRODUCT I BOUGHT HER for 30 days and come back in to assess.  The Man got a clean bill of health for another year so that’s a plus.  Until he said he asked for something to make his “skin feel soft” and then had the nerve so say he wanted it to feel soft “for you baby.”  

Because I just randomly go feel him up to see if his skin is soft enough for me.  ??!!?? 

Anyway, the doc said to get some over the counter product that he liked which he promptly translated to “honey, I need you to go online and find me something to make my skin soft and good feeling.”  I’m not making this stuff up people.  Anyway I came across the Cleopatras Mens skin care and it looks like we are going to check it out.  And by we I mean him.  I just get to pay for it.

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