Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's all about protection

It is time to renew our office malpractice insurance and this time of years is a little hectic for me.   I get several quotes from several sources and then I have to submit proposals to my bosses who ultimate decide what they’re going to do and what company they will use for our renewal.   Malpractice insurance is something I would suggest any professional obtain in this day of civil litigation.  While I was browsing about and looking for quotes, I read an article about the cost of medical malpractice insurance and I was not surprised to be honest.  I really do believe we live in a litigious world and all it takes is one misstep to be in a world of trouble.  Now if I could just convince my husband that we don’t want to move to California if he is seriously considering a career change to the medical field.  I’m fairly certain the cost of coverage would be more than we could afford for the first few years of living there.

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