Tuesday, September 13, 2011

iPhone 4 Review

Disclaimer: This is my own purchase, Apple does not know I exist except for the monthly deposit I make to cover my love for iPhone.

Hi !! It's me Kym and I want to share with you the iPhone 4.  After 2 years or so I decided to upgrade my iPhone 3g to the iPhone 4.  Normally I am not big on upgrading, but this was so worth it.

The iPhone 3G was a great tool and at first use, I was addicted. I used it for everything, emails, talking, map directions, confirming airline tickets and surfing the net. I loved all the cool apps and I liked having a pretty nice little camera with me at all times. However, after 2 years or so I found my battery just didn't hold up. Also, I found that if the 3 was good, the 4 should be better!

The 4 rocks!  First thing you notice it's thinner, square and a bit lighter. The next is the camera. It's 360 degrees. Also the video aspect is really sweet. Another tidbit that I have found so valuable is the facetime calling. You can video talk with another iPhone 4 user. I am able to call my nephew on his Dad's phone and he can show me things from his day, and smile the whole time. It's priceless to see that face while listening to him relay his day!

The technical aspect...The speed is really fast, and I don't seem to drop calls in known drop spots. One of the preloaded apps is a compass. This works great when your gps goes nuts, you can at least find your way with the directional.

If you haven't upgraded yet, you should. It's really worth it!

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