Thursday, September 15, 2011

And that's (almost) all I need

I know this is going to sound either a) weird; b) crazy; c) um, TMI; or maybe even d) what the hell is wrong with you woman?! but here it is:  I want to get a magazine display rack and I want to put it in my bathroom.

The Internets just had a collective Gasp!  I heard it.  Then I’m sure you all shook your heads and re-read that sentence.  But it’s true.  All I want in my life is a little organization (well, that’s not all, but it’s a darn good start!)  I would like to use my bathroom and not have a stack of race car magazines fall on me (or behind me).  I’d like to reach for TP and not have to precariously place my elbow so as to avoid a heavy book to the face. 

I’m just sayin.  A magazine rack would be awesome in there! 

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