Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pop Chips - a tasty surprise

A couple weeks ago I received a box of Popchips in the mail.  There were six flavors to try and let me tell you, there were tasty!  I’m an old fashioned potato chip lover of a certain brand that comes in a yellow bag and rhymes with hays.  I'll be honest, I don’t really try new snacks - because I’m such a diehard fan of my favorite chips - and that’s really the only thing I ever snack on.

However, I have kids and a husband. 

And I make them try new stuff first. Then if they don’t run screaming from the room, I will try it too.  It’s a system that works for us and that made it easy when the Popchips came because the six samples contained a favorite flavor for each of my kids. 

My 14 year old grabbed the Sea Salt and Vinegar and my 11 year old snatched up the BBQ.  My husband was the volunteer for the Sour Cream and Onion.  I watched them all very carefully as they tore open their bags and removed a not so typical looking potato chip.  The chip actually reminded me more of a light and fluffy popcorn chip if you will.  That made sense when I read how Popchips are made. They’re not fried or baked.  They’re very simply sliced potatoes that undergo a heat and pressure process that makes them light, airy and crunchy. Then seasoning is added and walla, Popchips that don’t leave your hand greasy (because they leave out the trans fat and cholesterol).  Popchips also have “less than half the fat of friend chips” and for me, that makes them even more appealing.  I wish that Popchips had existed when my kids were smaller because they’d have been a great snack that didn’t leave a huge greasy mess.

Anyway, I watched each of them as they tried this new, funny looking potato chip.  They didn't make faces or smack their lips together repeatedly.  They did reach for a second chip. Then a third.  Then they swapped and traded until everyone had tried each others' chip.  They liked them!  They really liked them!  So I tried mine and I liked it too. 

Popchips come in great flavors including original, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Cheddar, Salt & Pepper and Parmesan Garlic.  I’m told they can be purchased at local Phoenix retailers such as Fry’s, Sprouts, Bashas, Albertsons, Target and Whole Foods.  I encourage you to check out the Popchips website,, and search for a retailer near you (and if you hate shopping as much as I do, they will ship to you!) Popchips are really tasty (like, better than those chips that come in the red tube and rhymes with Engles; better than rice cakes (which remind me of packing peanuts glued together and seasoned with some cheesy powder stuff) and even the various baked chips on the market now).  Don’t trust me, trust my 11 year old because she doesn’t like much of anything and she requested more Popchips so she could take them to school in her lunch.  And that’s saying something.

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