Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is more annoying that?

Do you want to know what annoys me? wearing a bra Answering the phone. What I hate even more than that is when I answer the phone during dinner or my favorite television show or at 8:01 a.m. and it is not the school informing me that one of the dramas has chopped off her leg or work calling to say I won the lottery and don't need to come in today.


Often times it is my bank calling to offer me life insurance or hospital benefits or other useless crap that I don't want and did not ask for. How many insurance policies does one family need? Why can't they call to tell me "bank error in your favor, collect a gozillion dollars?"

Since that is never going to happen, I am going to rely upon the pros.

A website, Every Call, recently launched that helps stop telemarketing calls by identifying who's behind those unknown numbers that come up on our caller ids.

It is a free service that works in conjunction with data from the FCC.
Visit Site and feel free to pass this message along.


Country Boy said...

There are a couple of easy ways to stop telemarketers. One, record the out of order message on your answering machine. You know, the one that starts with three tones and says that your number is out of order. The automated dialers tag your number as bad and the people that sell the lists have to refund the money that the telemarketer paid. They don't like doing that and take you off the list. The other is to require the telemarketer to tell you what kind of underwear they're wearing. Be persistent. It really creeps them out and you can often hear the wind whistling past the phone as they hang up.

Stella Dean said...

Country Boy - I love it! I am so going to try it the next time Wells Fargo calls trying to sell me hospital insurance.