Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Cleaning 2.0

I had a neighbor who used to fill up her gas tank every weekend and go out trolling garage sales. I've never been one to go to a garage sales because I just don't have the desire to drive around until I find that good sale. My neighbor however furnished her entire formal dining room via garage sale for under $300 and you wouldn't know it to look at her stuff. She also furnished her family room the same way and I must say, she did a fine job.

I was approached by the folks over at GarageSalesTracker and asked to give my readers the information on the product they provide. Here you go:

The traditional way of advertising a garage sale in the past was to place an ad in the newspaper, post signs around the neighborhood and wait for visitors to pour in. Today that has changed thanks to sites like which allow users to post their sale on the internet and get instant exposure to millions of viewers. In these tough economic times, having a Garage Saleseems to be a prudent way to raise money while cleaning out the old junk in the house. In other cases families have taken to these thrifty sales as a means to save money and find household items, children s clothes, toys, and appliances at bargain basement prices.

Thanks GargageSalesTracker for providing a service such as this. Where I live, garage sales have to be approved through the home owners association and generally, they must be community sales. I am sure that even sales such as those will benefit from the services you provide.

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