Sunday, September 23, 2007

Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies

This is the easiest sugar cookie you'll ever make. I promise.

1 pkg Pillsbury Sugar cookie dough
1 tub Vanilla Frosting
10 candy canes

Freeze the cookie dough.

Once frozen, open and cut the dough in half long way. Now, slice those pieces into half moon shape and bake according to directions.

When the cookies are done, set them aside to cool.

Open the candy canes and place into a freezer bag. Give your children a rubber mallet or rolling pin. Fold the freezer bag into a dish towel and let the kids pound the candy canes into small pieces (You'll have some dust but that is okay).

Next, frost the cookies and while they are still wet (i.e. the frosting hasn't dried yet), sprinkle on the candy canes and powder.

These will be the best, easiest cookies you'll ever make.

Thank me later.

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