Sunday, May 26, 2024

Oreo Sour Patch Kids

Oreo has a new cookie flavor: Sour Patch Kids.  These are the same shape and size as regular Oreo cookies.  That my friend is where similarities end.  

Everyone knows the rule to Oreos is to eat the filling first, then dunk the cookie in milk and eat that. At least until you're a grown up - then you dunk the cookie and eat the whole thing together, as nature intended. 

The Sour Patch Kids filling smells very much like the powder in the bottom of fruity cereal like fruity pebbles or froot loops. There are little colored flecks or granules in the cream.  The cream itself doesn’t taste like anything - it's basically lard with a hint of sugar.  Oreo missed an opportunity there.  Texture wise, the cream is gritty due to the little colored fleck/granule things.  I thought they'd be like the sour granules on the outside of Sour Patch kids. Ya know, the stuff that makes the candy sour - and they'd burst onto my tongue with the fruity/sour flavors.  I was wrong.  There is no burst of flavor or sour. It’s more like a little tiny flavorless zing on your tongue as you wait for that sour that never arrives.

As for the cookie I expected something. 

Maybe a sour/citrus flavor? Or maybe a lemon or lime that might counter what should have been the strong sour coming from the filling.  I couldn't  have been more wrong.  Imagine a graham cracker that’s been dunked in pink lemonade and left out to dry.  There is just a hint of maybe pink lemonade taste. Barely a whiff.  It’s like eating a graham cracker and somebody across the street screamed PINK LEMONADE! Even that is being generous. 

Notably, given the lack of actual flavor - these cookies leave a weird aftertaste that I cannot describe.  Milk didn't help. I even tried Pink Lemonade as a chaser to see if that would be a flavor enhancer. It was not. I yelled SOUR PATCH right before I ate the second cookie. That didn't help either.  These taste like the Wish version of sour. They're not sour-ish, or sour lite. I wouldn't even describe them as diet sour.  They're sour deficient.

Overall, I think this is a fail for Oreo.  And that makes me sad, because I had hoped for an enjoyable cookie experience.

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