Thursday, February 29, 2024

DIY Re Upholstered Couch and Chair

When I first my new house, I fell in love with the small "formal" living room. I knew this would be the Christmas Tree room in December. That was the only plan I had. The room gets great eastern light and it's become my grow plants, lounge and read while the dogs nap on me, room. My son in law calls it the terrarium room. 


Anyway, I knew that I wanted a loungy couch in here. So I found this red gem at a going out of business sale. 

I searched for about a month until I found the material I wanted, a suede-y but easy to clean, soft and welcoming material in a smokey blue/grey. (I really wanted a deep, deep red wine color but I couldn't find material that was under $1,000). 

So, after I found the material, I bought an electric staple gun, some razor wire stuff (flexible metal tack strip), a staple puller, pliers, I watched at least 10 hours of videos on how to reupholster your own furniture, and how to recover buttons and and tuft a couch; then I bought more supplies, thousands of staples, buttons, scissors, twine, and new legs for the couch because the that came on the couch were gross.

It took three weekends to completely disassemble, then reassemble, cover, and finish; and be happy with my efforts. The videos weren't lying when they said THOUSANDS of staples. 

I didn't take photos of the process, though I wish I would have because it would have been helpful for the next project.

It's hard to tell how good she really looks with the shadows and the indentation from my ass, but I'm proud of her. 

I had almost a whole roll of material left so I decided I'd recover my old lady chair. She was a cool ten bucks at the Goodwill.  I got her in 2015 and she is so comfortable.  The dramas gave me endless shit for having an "old lady chair" until the first time they sat there. THE most comfortable chair for reading that I've ever owned. No joke.  

BUT. I don't have room for her in this house.  So I asked Drama #1 if she wanted the chair for her new house.  She did. And I said I'd get right on it. 

Narrator: she did not get right on it.

Instead, I got the seat recovered, and the inside front sections done and then my stapler broke.  By the time I got a new one, it was summer; then I was really busy. And lazy. But mostly really busy.  So the chair sat in the spare bedroom, half done, lonely and sad, waiting for me to finish.  And finally I did. This month.  Literally, two years  after I started. I'm glad it's done and out of my house. Drama #1 is glad it's done. And I'm proud of this one too: 

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