Thursday, June 29, 2017

3 Hip Hop Moves For Fitness

Exercise is very important to physical and mental fitness. Second only to your diet, getting proper exercise is essential in your quest for a healthy body. However, there are some people who dread the very idea of going to a gym. A stationary bike is going nowhere in their book and an elliptical is out of the question. These people struggle the most with weight loss and acquiring a fit body. The trick is finding a way to work your body and burn calories, while you are having fun. They have conquered the concept of healthy eating and treats are usually reserved for sugar-free candy which is tasty and easy to have on hand.

The Hip Hop Craze!

Just as they tell you to wear the proper attire to the gym, you should wear the proper attire to Hip Hop dance. This tells your brain you are getting serious and it makes you feel great. You can wear a leotard, or if you are more comfortable, a cool pair of dance pants with a matching top. This tells your mind it is time to play and work-out.

Beyonce’s Bounce and Flick

This is a great warm up step. It is incredibly easy to do. It goes to an eight count. You begin turned to the side. You will bend your knees a little and you are going to wave your arms to the front of you curling all your fingers except the index finger and thumb on each hand.

As the music begins, you will bounce by bending your knees and rocking forward and then backward without moving your feet. You will count each bounce (forward) 1. Backward bounce 2. (forward again) three. On the count of four, you will bring your hands around to the front of you with your index finger and thumb extended (like a gun) and point to the ground. Now repeat the next four bounces. This is your eight count. 4 count bounce - point - 4 count bounce -point. You will notice this is a move Beyonce does quite well.

The Squat And Pop

This is a great exercise step for the legs and the rear.

Stand with your legs and feet pointed slightly out and wide apart. Squat until your knees are bent and your legs partially lowered. Place your hands on your hips. As you move your body down, you will turn your elbows in toward the stomach, pushing your stomach in and rounding the back. As you ride (never straighten the legs) move the elbows in the same movement while pushing the stomach forward. Here’s how.

The Body Roll

This is a simple step that is in most routines. This is a simple body roll. With knees slightly bent and arms in a forward semi-circle in the front of the body, on the count of 5 you will move the stomach in and out quickly, and turn your entire body to the left of where you begin. On count 10, you will continue your body roll until you have made a complete circle with the entire body.

With a little practice, you will master these moves and that will improve your life.

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