Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh! A new Review!

So, I've been working on a Mac computer since July 7. For all intent and purpose, it does the exact same thing my windows computer did/does. I don't notice a real difference as far as how software runs or programs open/close versus using windows. I have noticed a few things that irk me:

1. Keyboard shortcuts. The CTRL button on Windows is the "command" button on a Mac. Easy enough. Except that I got tendonitis of my left thumb using the damn thing. I had to find and download a whole list of commands so I can function like I am accustom.

2. Programs that are sucking up the life of a computer and can be closed easily via CTRL, ALT, DEL and opening the task manager in a Windows computer, now must be accessed via command, option (ALT in Windows)and esc, which opens a small box of programs that are open (it tells you if one is frozen) and you have the option to "force quit" (stop) that program. But, if the computer doesn't think the program is frozen, and every window on your screen is stuck, you must pick which one you THINK is frozen, close it, and then via process of elimination fix the problem. Irritating.

3. The various programs I have open stack on top of each other in a most annoying manner. Then, I must give myself a small seizure pointing my mouse up to the right hand corner to see which window I want and clicking it, or I must point my mouse down at the bottom of my screen and chose the program I'm looking for and sometimes, just to piss me right the hell off, sometimes there will be a program down in that bar just bouncing up and down and distracting me like no child has the ability to distract me.

Consensus: I don't think I like Mac and because I am shallow and petty, my dislike is 100% stylistic.

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