Monday, July 21, 2014

It is a serious issue, these dangling cords

I’m going to tell you a little secret:  I’m a closet OCD. Not officially diagnosed, and I’m not in need of therapy just yet, but I have my moments. Like when I have to separate my Skittles into color groups before I can eat them (this does NOT apply, however, to M&Ms).  And like how I count stairs as I walk them and bathroom tiles while I’m doin’ my bizness; and how the cords behind my computer drive me batty and will completely derail my train of thought if I spy them with my little eye (same as the cords behind my TV/DVD/VCR, etc).  However I have found that heat shrink wrap works wonders for my cord situation, and it is not sticky and gross like electrical tape or nearly as tacky as using those little wire tie things.  So, if you’re borderline OCD like me, or if you just have a peeve about those danged cords, do yourself a favor and buyheatshrink plastic tubing.  Don’t thank me.  I live to serve.

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