Saturday, May 17, 2014

I need help

At the age of 42 I took a giant leap of faith and applied to law school. I wanted to achieve my lifelong dream of being a lawyer. I knew I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 9 years old, when I was thrust into the legal system because I was kidnapped. After that experience, I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be the voice for others who could not speak for themselves.

I graduated from Law School on April 26th, 2014, and as excited and proud as I am, I am also haunted by the idea that I will not pass the bar exam on July 29th and 30th, 2014 - rendering the past three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans - a total waste of time because I cannot afford the cost of a Bar preparation class. Studies show that people who do not take a preparation class have a lower pass rate. The cost of the Bar preparation class, fees, and travel is approximately $4,500.

For those who do not know anyone who has ever taken the bar exam, it is a two day test that one must pass in order to become a licensed attorney. The cost of Bar preparation class alone is between $2,400 and $3,000. The classes are about 3 hours each, five to six days per week, and expected outside of class study time to be 8 to 10 hours per day. We are told to treat bar study as if it were our full time job. Many people do not work while studying for the Bar, but I do not have that option.

Asking for help is not something I do proudly. It is not something I am used to. It takes humility and courage, but I am, quite literally, prepared to beg.

I do not have family that can help me with these costs. I have tried everything I can get the funds. I have applied for private loans (they offer these loans specifically for bar sitters, like me) and while I have a full time job - and the ability to repay the loan - my student loans, house payment, bills, etc. have rendered me over-extended credit-wise.

I have wanted to be a lawyer since I was very young so that I could help people who didn't have the voice to help themselves. I have put myself through undergrad and law school, all while working and raising a family. Law school took a huge toll on my marriage and my family and we managed to survive it together. To get this close to my dream is so very special to me. I want to make my kids proud. Please help me in any way you can. I appreciate YOU more than you will ever know or realize.

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