Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I've neglected this blog something fierce. I could tell you all about the fascinating areas of law I'm learning, and how that sucks up every ounce of free time I have when I'm not obsessing about work, but that would probably bore you as much as it bores me!

I could tell you about the people you meet in law school and how you'll be life long friends, and by life long friends, I mean you will want to stab them all in the eye with a machete by graduation.

 Or I could tell you that I read the new John Grisham book, Sycamore Road and how much I enjoyed it and I felt like I was catching up with old friends because the cast of characters is the same as in A Time to Kill.  And how I hope this is not just a sequel but rather, another story in (hopefully) a long line of books featuring Jake Brigance!

But I couldn't do a book review justice right now. Maybe when my brain relaxes a little more. Because right now, a blog entry would be more like a word dump and that wouldn't benefit anyone. Except maybe me.

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