Saturday, January 12, 2013

Because we're a competitive bunch

My house is relatively small. Like a cozy little cottage. And I love it. I do. However, when I bought it, my kids were small. Unlike now, when they are teenagers. And I need a lot more room. Because teenagers are infiltrating my house and I need some degree of separation. And noise control.

So we are looking at bigger houses. And I have a few things on my “want” list:

* Formal living room (to put my Christmas stuff in)
* A Great Room for family time
* An open floor plan (so I always know what those teenagers are doing)
* A game room.

Now the game room, that is THE most important thing on my list. Because I want some games – because games allow for family time. And I don’t want small games. I want a standard size Ms. Pac Man. And a Foosball table. And a dedicated Chess table. And the most important game I am looking at are pooltables because my husband used to play in tournaments and I used to be able to hold my own when we played. Unless of course he was just letting me win – and in that case, I can really hold my own now since he hasn’t played for somewhere around 15 years. Which makes my odds of beating him even greater. And because our kids like to play too.  And because everywhere we go, if there is a pooltable, we are playing.  So it just makes sense.

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