Monday, October 29, 2012

Stuff I find interesting

I like to know how things are made. I always watch those television shows about how candy and toys and other stuff is made because it’s interesting to me and because I’m just that geeky. One thing I’ve always been interested in is how plastic bags are made. Because the idea that we take old plastic, melt it down and then form it into a reusable product is simply fascinating to me.

I ran across a site that had Sideweld bag making machines for sale. I really had no idea there was a market for such things, then after I thought about it for a minute, it made perfect sense. Surely the machines are sold and buyers use them to make new bags. Brilliant!

And from what I’ve read these machines are quite high tech also. Now I need to find a video that shows me how the bags are made and what types of plastic are used to do so. Because this is way more interesting than doing my homework. Just sayin.

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