Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Good Old Days

Many, many, many moons ago, I worked for answering services where we answered phones after hours for several different doctors and dentists. I would like to have an answering service right now - one that would field calls from my in-laws. And my boss. And maybe even my kids. That would be awesome! Sometimes, now all these 25+ years since I worked in the answering service center, I still remember the standard line we used. And when I answer the phone at work, for the attorney who just shares our office space, but who is never actually in the office, I always say that I don’t work for Mr. Attorney, I am simply answering his phones and would be glad to transfer you to his voice mail. Because I don’t know about your case, I don’t want to know about your case and I don’t want to hear your story. Harsh, yes. Necessary for survival? Absolutely!

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