Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prepared in a whole new way

Maybe it’s the idea that I graduate in two years; or maybe that 14 is turning 15 and reminds me daily that she gets her driver’s license permit in six months; or it could be that my oldest daughter just got engaged and is getting married in September of THIS YEAR! Or it could just be that I’m feeling older these days. Whatever the reason, I’m feeling like I need to have more insurance. On me and The Man. Because we have kids still, even if they are growing like weeds into find young women. Regardless of the reason, I got another life insurance quote and have two more coming. I’d rather have enough insurance that the house gets paid off so they can still live here until they graduate and have them all set for their futures, whatever their futures may be, leave this world without providing for them when I’m gone.

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