Monday, February 6, 2012

GIfts - they take some real work sometimes

I have three daughters.  And three nieces.  And because I’m experienced in all things pink and perfumy, I always know exactly what to buy that will be the hit at birthday parties and Christmas.  Girls are so easy.  If it smells: buy it.  If it’s furry or cute or cuddly:  buy it. 

Boys on the other hand, they are not so easy. Because it’s not just about video games or musical instruments.  It’s about what video game and which musical instrument.  It’s about what the other kids are playing with and what sport is in season.  Yep, boys are hard.  And choosing gifts for boys is something I’m not a pro at.  And it takes me a long time.  And sometimes, I don’t pick the hit of the party. Except that one time when my nephew was 3 and I bought him a jug of 100 rubber bugs.  He loved it.  His mom, not so much.

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