Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just so you know there is help out there

My life has been touched by alcoholism.  When I first met my husband he was an alcoholic.  Of course I did not know that there were different kinds of alcoholics.  I thought, mistakenly, that one needed to drink every day to be an alcoholic.  My husband only drank on the weekends if we went out. The problem was, he did not know when to stop. I am proud to say that he quit drinking the day we found out I was pregnant with our 14 year old.  On September 9th he had not taken a drink for 15 years. 

My husband was able to simply stop drinking.  Other people are not that lucky.  They need help.  Sadly, help does not always become an option until people getting trouble with the law or lose family and loved ones over the drinking and the behavior drinking can cause.  I implore everyone out there, if you have a problem, or know of someone with a problem, please seek help.  You can find a inpatient rehab centerb out there that will help. 

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