Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Call Me 'Droid

When the Crackberry craze hit, I wanted one of those little buggers! I wanted one really bad! Alas, it was never to be. I mean, about four years ago I had my first web enabled phone and I thought THAT was something spiffy! I was more than content with my little phone, but whenever I saw one of those Crackberries, I drooled.

Recently, the wife and I fulfilled our two-year contract and we were up for new phones. I walked into that store ripe with hope.

I held all the shiny new phones. I played with their features and I fiddled with their knobs. Ironically, I never even picked up the Crackberry.

I did, however, walk out with a Samsung Nexus 4G by Google. Apparently, this is what's known as an Android phone. Android refers to the phones operating system, but that's getting a bit too technical for me!

I held her in my hand and played with all her amazing features. I named her Zeus. I was a bit leery over not having a keyboard, but I don't need one. There is a keyboard on the screen and it can appear and disappear with the push of a button! Unlike those Crackberries, the keys on the keyboard are an acceptable size for human fingers.

And my phone has apps people! Actual apps! And I love it! It's sleek and eye appealing. Even my teenager thinks it's cool and he has every gadget known to man!
The screen is large and I can actually load full web pages! I can make the text and images larger. I can zoom in on content. I can read blogs and actually leave comments on them. Um, I can even BLOG on my phone, people! BLOG!

The photos it takes are amazing! I downloaded a photo app that allows me to use different affects on my photos and I'm in love! I haven't used my digital camera since I've had my new phone. I mean, I'm sure I'll pull it out for Christmas, or bigger events, but for every day use? This camera seriously rocks! I was way impressed with it and my kids' photos are VERY important to me!

Of course, my phone isn't perfect. The screen gets a bit blurry from all the touching that goes on, but I just turn off the screen (not the phone itself) and wipe it off on my pant leg. Oh, and the battery pretty much sucks a little. I can typically get through about three-fourths of my day before I need to charge it, but if I'm on it a great deal, then it's more like half of the day.

Thankfully, it comes with this way cool charger that you can plug into the wall OR use with a phone adapter (that doesn't come with, but I bought one for five bucks and you can pull the end out of the AC adapter and plug it into the car adapter. So you're using the same cord for both charging methods.)

I've actually had the phone for a few months now, so I've had a chance to really use it and get to know it in and out. Typically by now, with every other phone I've had, I could give a much longer laundry list of issues and dislikes by this point in our relationship. However, I've been won over. I'm ever grateful I never fulfilled my Crackberry love.

I have had a chance to play around with someone's Crackberry recently and I have to say, I avoided a bullet with that one! It just goes to show, not all crushes should be realized! But Zeus and I? Yeah, we're close! Real close. I can seriously see myself being completely in love with this phone for the next two years!

The next time you're on the lookout for your next phone? Consider the Samsung Nexus 4G by Google. Tell them Zeus sent you!

CJ blogs daily at Don't Lick the Ferrets and enjoys sharing what works, what doesn't and how she feels about it all!