Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gift Baskets aren't just for her anymore

Do you buy your man flowers? I have and continue to do so. After our first time date I sent the man a dozen red roses. He worked at a tire recapping shop. He got loads of teasing for a couple days but then he told me no one had ever given him flowers before – and he liked it. I thought it bizarre that he’d never received flowers but then I figured it kinda made sense because society places certain ideas out there, like flowers go to females. Dumb if you ask me. But so is the idea that only women want to receive gift baskets. I have been making baskets for my family and friends for years so I was happy to see the idea catching on and now companies are actually marketing great gift baskets for him and I for one say it’s about time! Especially with the holidays coming up (the holidays are my mind. The man has almost all of our yard done and the kids have started hauling in the inside decorations).

It’s starting to look like the mall around here. And we haven’t even gorged on Turkey yet.

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