Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NOW Accepting Applications

I need a few co-authors. Flexible hours. Great pay (if you consider great pay to be seeing your name right under the blog post you just published).

Now that I'm in law school, I just don't have the time to devote until I find my groove. I'd like a few interested people to please email me with your name and blog/twitter/facebook address and let me know if you can commit to reviewing products here at least once a week. And by reviewing products, I mean products you've purchased and are willing to share with other readers.

Email me at whyrureviewingme at gmail dot com or leave a comment here.



Veruca Salt said...

I'm extremely opinionated and like to share those opinions with others - does that make me qualified?

AJerseyGirl46 said...

I'm opinionated too, and I shop like an addict. I stopped blogging because I felt no one wanted to hear my opinions (haha)...

Congrats on Law School. May your husband supply you with cases of liquor during your three years of hell ;0)

Stella Dean said...

I think you'd both be great additions. If you're serious, email me know and I'll send the info. And, thanks for reading!

Veruca - more than qualified!

Jersey - Thanks. And I can't believe you stopped. Slacker. You should get back in. and when I'm a rich and famous attorney, I will send you a business card.