Monday, August 15, 2011

Naming Babies is Hard Work

Years and years ago I worked with a woman who did not name her children until after they were born. Her kids actually came home from the hospital named baby Lastname. Both of them. I thought it was weird, but hey, to each his or her own. Right?

Personally, I had names for my kids picked before they were born. I went through each and every name in the baby name book, because well, I had a lot of time on my hands. Both pregnancies left me on bed rest the last month. It's too bad there was no website like the the babynametrain back then. My search could have been so much more thorough. And worldly.

When I picked my baby names, I had two, in case one just did not fit the baby's personality, or in case there was a second baby who'd been hiding in there all that time. I also had a back up boy name in case the ultrasound was horribly wrong.

Now days, my kids are half grown. But I miss picking baby names. The choices are so much more diverse now. It almost makes me jealous. Almost.

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