Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Time Means New Patio Furniture. Right?

Here we are in the final stretch of June and we finally hit 100° in the scorching desert.  This Wednesday is supposed to be 111°.  Yay.  On one hand that means the summer will not seem to last so long; on the other hand, now that it’s hot, it’s just going to get hotter.  My kids will now spend every waking moment in the pool (as long as there is an adult present – please never leave your kids alone near water). What that means for me is that I need new patio furniture so I’ll be looking at new Patio Sets.  Mine is about seven years old and while still in decent shape, the cushions aren’t as cushiony as they used to be. The furniture I have now has a glass table and four chairs, we well as two lounge chairs with foot stools and a small glass table that goes between.   I’ve been looking at some new sets that have a tile table top and come with a shade umbrella. Those are appealing.

Also appealing are some of the new Wrought Iron Patio Chairs that are really stylish and nice.  Some have cushions and some have a mesh type backing that allows the breeze through. I think those are calling to me. The upside to thick cushions is comfort while the down side is that there is no breeze or air flow so they can be rather hot to sit in for any length of time. The mesh chairs seem to offer the best of both worlds with both comfort and airflow.
Hmm. I think I just made up my mind.


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