Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Husband Wants a New Outdoor BBQ

Speaking of new patio furniture, the one thing my husband wants more than anything is a new Gas Grill for the back yard. I want to spend the extra money to build a nice cubby for it with flagstone or tile so we can really tie it into the patio and back yard as a whole. He just wants one. A Big, Shiny, Pretty one that sparkles in the sun. And if it has lights, even better! We saw one at the local hardware shop that had these really nifty blue lights behind the knobs that illuminated the whole front giving it a real out-of-this-world alien look and feel. The husband fell in love.


Anyway, I understand his want/need for a new grill. We’ve had this one since the early 2000s and it has seen its better day. It has traveled from Utah to Arizona and lived outside in extreme cold as well as extreme heat. I remember way, way, way back when we first met and all he had was a picnic grill. How the times (and expectations) have changed! Now that we are older, wiser, better at cooking and of course, make more money, I will admit that even I want a new grill. And I want a nice one. I want the side burner and the rotisserie cooker also. If it has the infrared radiant heat also I think I would be secretly happy while the husband bragged about it. I hear the infrared cooks so evenly. I want a grill that’s going to last a few good years, like the last one did. And I might buy the husband one for my graduation.

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