Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm home from chaperoning the 8th Grade summer trip to D.C. It was like hell week at college, only absent the parties, drinking and hangovers.

I'm buried at work and at home because I really do believe that we work twice as much to take time off work only to come back and work three times as much to catch up!

I'm driving to California next weekend to pick up my youngest child. She's been staying with my sister the past two weeks.  Then on Monday the 20th my husband is having knee surgery. 

I miss the good old days of work and school and kids and cleaning.  I had so much more free time then!

I have the following posts coming up this week:

Flip Flop Wines - what a life saver they've been!

I'm thinking of redoing my patio. Again.  Because I want new patio furniture. And because I want to do my homework while sitting on something comfortable and stylish.

Eden Fantasys. Nuff' said.

Then, if I get time, I've got lots to blog about at the personal blog Why are you Stalking Me? Like how I can't seem to get away from a certain someone and how spending any amount of time with that person makes me want to crawl in a cave and hide.  And the D.C. trip. And why law school is going to change my life.  And how some guy asked me, I'm serious here, "hey, what's your sign." 

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