Monday, May 16, 2011

What's Coming...

I am in Utah a few days this week training the crew to do more of my job. SCORE!  #winning

When I come back home, after I clean my house (because I know the husband and kids won't) and love on my kids and dogs,and restock the refrigerator, I have some new coupons for you and the following blog posts coming your way:

Popchips.  They're amazing! Finally a guilt free potato chip snack! 

Eden Fantasys.  Yes, a grownup post about the Vivid Girl Power Flex.  Wait for it....It will be on the personal blog but I'll let ya'll know when it's live. 

Fyrflys.  These are just good old fashioned fun! (check out @Fyrflyz on Twitter and Fyrflyz on Facebook)

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