Sunday, May 8, 2011

I've been banned from Cold Stone

And rightly so probably. Because I buy (weekly) a "Love it" size of Cold Stone's Coffee Lovers Only.  It costs around $7 dollars and I eat it over three days. That doesn't count the additional near ten bucks I pay for the dramas' ice cream concoctions. 

Hello, my name is Stella.  Today I have been 17 days ice cream free (sorta).

Anyway, I was having serious withdrawals but I've been strictly forbidden "to spend that kind of money on ice cream."

Because clearly he does not understand. I mean coffee costs over ten bucks a pound right now. What if I told him he can't drink it anymore because it costs too much? that'd fly like a lead balloon.

Anyway I was having withdrawals and then I had a brilliant idea:

I'd make my own coffee lovers ice cream!

I bought 1/2 gallon of coffee flavored ice cream. I bought six Heath bars. I bought one small bag of chopped almonds. I already had caramel syrup here.

I chopped and mixed and re-froze.  Then I waited.  

Then I ate.

And it was even better than the previously named ice cream parlor that I love(d). Why was it better?

1/2 gal. coffee flavored ice cream: $2.79;
6 Heath candy bars: $3.16 (they were buy 2, get 1 free); and
1 sm bag almonds: $1:89
2 Tbs caramel syrup (apx. $0.38)

Total price: $8.22.

Even better: I have over 1/2 gallon (64 ounces) of ice cream versus the 10 ounces I get for roughly the same price at Cold Stone.  And that's going to last me much longer than three days!

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