Friday, April 29, 2011

How did that happen?

My daughter is 14 today.

I will be over in the corner having a steaming hot cup of loser denial.


Amy Lee said...

I'll be joining you in 2 months when my son turns 14.....

Tak said...

I went thru that denial years ago.... You'll get over it, eventually!
I'm following your blog now!

life...just saying said...

I know, right? Our kids' birthdays are even harder to take than our own! My oldest is turning 21 in a few months...which makes me...OLD!
New follower from a Sunay hop.

Stella Dean said...

@Amy Lee - I think it's slightly worse that she's a girl. Maybe it's just me.

@Tak - I hope so! Following you back.

@life...just saying - YES! it is harder. My BFF's only child turns 21 this year. Following you back too.