Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Salsa Sensations

This review was made possible by Mom Spark  Media. I was compensated for my participation and time investment involved with this campaign. I will give my honest opinion and thoughts regarding said product(s).
Let me start out by saying that I live in a house full of salsa connoisseurs.  Not to brag, I believe my husband should sell his homemade salsa.  In fact, I said we could market it as Salsa by Some White Guy and be rich and famous.  He countered by saying that we wouldn't be rich because we'd eat the product and any potential profits to be had.

Sometimes he makes a good point.

And, now that he is working for the man, unlike the early days when he was the stay at home dad, he doesn't make salsa much anymore,  I have been forced to buy store bought salsa when we get the craving, for the past six years! I know: Tragic.  Needless to say, I was excited when the crew over at Mom Spark Media contacted me with the opportunity to review the three types of Salsa Sensations flavors: Mild, Medium, and Hot.  This is a new brand of salsa, being sold in 48 states exclusively at Wal-Mart in the refrigerated section (so don't look for it on the chips isle). 

As an aside:  when you're doing a review for salsa, it is wise not to try the hottest variety first. This really hinders your ability to get a good taste of the less spicy version.  Because your tongue is on fire; or severely impaired for a minute, or 17.  I gave up, resigned to try again the next day.  I learned a valuable lesson. And my taste buds thanked me.

As you can see, the Mild, Medium and Hot do not look different from each other.  I though, for a quick minute, of switching the lids and giving some to the screaming neighbor with the rude teenagers, but I didn't.

I started with the mild.  It was, well, mild.  And slightly sweet.  It had a good consistency and a very mild but tasty flavor.  Husband said he thought something was missing and daughter said it was just okay.

The Medium took a minute to register with my taste buds.  At first I thought it did not have any real difference from the Mild.  And I was disappointed.  Then as I was placing the lid back on and putting it in the fridge, the spice hit me. Not in a bad way.  Not in a oh my goodness I need some milk and bread way.  It was subtle, yet spicy. Warm would be a good way to describe it.  Not too spicy warm, because my 11 year old ate it.  Without complaining.  Which almost makes me want to kiss the recipe inventor because hallelujah there is something my kid likes!  

Next I re-tried the Hot.  It really is my personal favorite.  I like a salsa that makes my nose run.  Call me crazy.  Hot left a lasting impression on my taste buds and they were grateful. 

All and all, I liked these salsas.  I will buy the Medium and Hot again. The Mild was just a little too mild for us. If I had any complaint, it would be (in my humble opinion) that all three flavors needed more salt and more cilantro.  I did not find the Salsa Sensations to be too sweet, which I have encountered in some other salsa I have tried.  Another thing I was particularly appreciative of is that these salsas were all under $2.50 each. Granted, I bought them at Wal-Mart, but they were cheap enough that I can work them into my ever tightening grocery budget without feeling guilty that I am scrimping on some staple in order to buy a treat.  In fact, since salsa is a healthy treat, I can really convince myself quite easily to make room in the budget.  The three salsas are all made with real sun-ripened tomatoes, chopped onions, garlic, cilantro and jalapenos, and the Hot contains habaneros (which I love!)



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