Monday, January 10, 2011

All clean and smelling pretty

I have been trying to get to this post for over a week but with all my focused and intense LSAT studying, I've been forgetting about the simple things. Like shopping. And cleaning.  And blogging.

Mostly blogging.

About two weeks ago I was invited by BlogHer to participate in a sampling program featuring P&G products. If you knew me in real life, you would know that I am ALL ABOUT P&G products at home.

I don't think I use anything other than P&G for cleaning, laundry (I love you Tide® and Bounce® with Febreze®!). Anyway, I was all over participating in the program because P&G is currently having a sale where you buy four products and get $4 off at the register (at least at my store they are). I was also given a $25 gift card from BlogHer and Kroger's.

Anyway, I loaded up on all my cleaning items right before the weekend and then got so caught up in real life, I totally forgot to post about it. As I said earlier, I got $4 off for buying four P&G products; I also had some coupons because I'm a total coupon junkie now (email me for some good links to online coupons).  I also spent my whole $25 gift card (thank you BlogHer & Kroger!).  As you can see, I bought lots of stuff:

I cannot live without Dawn® Foam, Febreze® smelly things, Swiffer® sweepers and Swiffer® dusters. Not to mention, The Husband (a/k/a The Man) requires only Charmin® for his delicate parts, Old Spice® for his cleaning rituals and Prilosec® for his mother's cooking. (HA! I kill me!)

Now my house is clean and smells as good as my husband.  

Anyway, there is still time for you, yes, I mean YOU and YOU too to enter to win one of 25 more $25 gift cards. Simply leave a comment at BlogHer (← that link) and you'll be entered to win.Of course because I'm so late to the game, the contest only goes through 01/12/11.

Thanks for reading!

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