Friday, October 8, 2010

BrytonPick Dental Floss

The below mentioned product was given to me at no charge for review. I am not being monetarily paid for this review (other than receipt of the free product). I will give my honest opinion and thoughts regarding said product.

For the past three weeks I have been reviewing a new product to floss my teeth. It is called the BrytonPick and I will be honest, I was hesitant to try it out. Not because I don't floss or because I am opposed to anything other than that crappy little string we all use. No, rather, the idea of a reusable flosser kind of grossed me out.

We all know the key to oral hygiene and prevention of periodontal disease is flossing and brushing after each meal.  I have been pounding this into my childrens' heads since they were old enough to brush.  Any product that will make the battle easier I am all over. 

What I like about the BrytonPick is that it has rounded edges so it does not cut your gums or lips (if you are careful and after you practice once or twice) and it is really flexible and movable.  It is also made of stainless steel so it is claimed to be germ-resistant and can be cleaned by wiping or rinsing it off.

The makers of the BrytonPick say it is reusable for up to 30 days depending on the space between your teeth and how often it is used. It is recommended to be replaced every 30 days to “ensure safety and cleanliness.”

To be perfectly honest, the reusable part is what grosses me out.  I use floss and I use those other plastic flossers that fit neatly into my purse (which the BrytonPick also fits nicely and comes with its own carrying case which does keep it clean) and then throw away when I'm done. I am not a horrible germaphobe like some of the folks we see on the televisions shows, but I am a germaphobe. I admit it.

Hello, my name is Usedtobeme. It has been 12 minutes since I last washed my hands.

But, as I always say, don't just take my opinion of this product. Get one yourself and check it out.  I will admit it makes flossing on the go much easier.  It also made the teenager especially happy that she could keep one in her bag and use it at school because she is at that age now where appearance is almost everything.  And she loves it.  So I will buy her more.

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